Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Body Chain (Two Versions)

I have been lusting after body chains FOREVER! Well, not forever, but since they have made a comeback.  Last summer, I went on a mad dash to every affordable accessory store in the Eaton Centre on the hunt for a body chain. I had a really hard time finding one!

I ended up finding and buying one out of desperation. I've never worn it. It's kind of over embellished and doesn't fit properly. I can alter it but it's still not exactly what I was looking for. So....while packing for my last vacation, in my typical fashion, I decided I would make one! I'll be honest, I don't know much about jewelry making, but I love a challenge. It turns out that it wasn't even really challenging!

This ended up being one my easiest DIYs I have done to date and it had a HUGE payoff. I've worn it many times since, in many ways. I've worn it over a bathing suit, over a cropped tee and high waisted pants, with a simple dress to a brunch and I will continue to wear it with different outfits.

I received such positive feedback that I figured I would show everyone how to make them. It's super easy as long as you're comfortable with using the few items I'm about to show you. And trust me, anyone can do this. You just need to have a touch of patience.

I actually pulled it together in less than an hour. It might have actually been more like 30 minutes but I was tiptoeing around trying not to wake the sleeping man on my couch. I am the most creative/productive when the fiance is preoccupied. Am I the only one like this??

Anyways, let's get started. Gather your materials.
  • a bunch of chain - don't be too picky, I used whatever I had. Or you can be picky, if you want
  • 2 jewelry pliers or small pliers - I actually only had a wire cutter and a pair of pliers so I improvised. Both were from Dollarama
  • 6-8 jump rings - matching or mismatched, whatever floats your boat
  • 2 lobster claw clasps - I literally just Googled these to figure out the name so don't be intimidated if you're not familiar with these terms. 
You can purchase all of these things at a bead or jewelry supply store. You can find some of this at a good dollar store as well. If you don't want to buy the materials, you can remove them from jewelry that you don't wear anymore.

Here is what I'll call each of the components so it's easier to understand my instructions.

Measure the necklace to your desired length. I'm sure you could use a measuring tape, or something like that but I just held it up to my neck and measured it that way.

Remove the extra links so it's the desired length.

Note: If you've never done this, it's simple. Take one set of pliers and clamp it shut on one side of the link you want to remove. This one kind of acts like an anchor to hold it in place. Use the other set of pliers to open the other side of the link. Use this process to remove links, add/remove jump rings, etc.

Add a jump ring to each end of the necklace.

Before you close the second jump ring add a lobster clasp. Close the jump ring.

Fold the chain in half and add a jump ring to the middle of the chain.

Add another length of chain to create a "T" pattern. This additional length is the chest piece.

Try the chain on around your neck and now measure how long you want the chest piece. Find your desired length and remove the excess chain.

Add a jump ring to the last link on the bottom of the chain. Don't close the jump ring yet.

Take a long piece of chain and measure the area around your waist or hips where you want the hip piece to drape.This part took me a few tries. Shorten the chain to the length you think you want. I suggest that you make it a little longer than you think you want it.

Fold this chain in half. Loop the open jump ring at the bottom of the chest piece through a link in the middle of the hip/waist chain. Close in the jump ring.

Now, add a jump ring on either end of this waist/hip chain. Before closing them both, add another lobster clasp to one end.

And just like that, version #1 is done! Try this on and make any necessary adjustments. 

To make the second version (the one I made), measure a length of chain the same length as the chest piece. This will be the horizontal piece for the back.

Add a jump ring to one end of the back piece. Before you close it, loop it through jump ring on the end of the necklace (the end that does not have a lobster clasp).

Now add a jump ring to the other end of the back piece; before you close it, loop it through the jump ring on the end of the hip piece (the end that does not have a lobster clasp).

Note: The key to this is to make sure that the lobster clasps on the necklace and the hip/waist piece are both on the same side. So, when you wear it, both lobster clasps are either on the left or right.

......and BAM! you're done. This is a pretty long explanation for a very easy task. I swear, once you start it, you'll totally get it.You're going to feel like a rock star. I promise. The possibilities are endless.




  1. So excited to see a new post! Missed you :)
    And great job on the body chain! I didnt think I would ever have the guts to wear one but maybe one that looks this dainty and simple would work! Would love to see more pics of it on! xo

    1. Aww, thanks Erin! You should try it, I bet you you'll like it! I think simple is best in this case. I'll definitely have more pictures soon ;)