Saturday, August 30, 2014

Restaurant Review: Pie Squared

Hello out there! A couple weeks ago, I had a very busy week and didn't get a chance to prep enough food so I caved and tried a new food place close to my work called Pie Squared. Their concept and branding drew me right in! I mean who doesn't love a good pie?

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by some lovely young ladies. They were quick to ask if I had been there before and because I had not, they gave me a quick rundown of the basics. They went over the kind of pies they had and the combos available, etc. They also made sure to tell me that all the ingredients were fresh and that everything was made in store. The premise is based around elements and the periodic table. Pie...Pi..get it? Here's the showcase with all the pies already made. Please excuse the photography quality. I love how the pies have letters on them to show you which one they are! They are marked à la the periodic table which is just adorable. Oh and points to them for the box the pies came in, it has a built in separator so they don't rub against each other!

The place is clean, bright and welcoming. There is a good amount of space to sit and eat. There are freshly baked desserts, salads and they offer coffee too! I got the Chicken Mushroom Entree and the Chocolate Banana dessert.

I took the pies back with me to work and ate at my desk because that's just how people in my office roll.  Here's some pictures of the entree, Chicken and Mushroom. I got that because the young lady that helped me said it was one of the most ordered. It was yummy! Nothing crazy just a well made, classic flavour combo. The crust was deeelicious. Nice and flakey yet moist AND my favourite part was that it held it's shape when I cut it! Call it OCD but I prefer food that I can control in my plate. The filling was nice and warm but not hot. Oh, you know how on some pies and baked goods, that part of the crust where it folds over itself is super hard and dry? Not here! Kudos to you Pie Squared.

Here's my dessert, the Chocolate and Banana. The young lady said this was her favourite so I got it. It was the same crust, I think, so nice and flaky but again, held it's shape!! I love not making a mess. The filling was deliciously warm and again it was a classic flavour combo.

Here's a shot of the menu so you can see pricing and options. They offer a bunch of combos or your can buy each its own.

I went back the next day to try out the coffee. Also, not something I purchase often because I prefer the free Nespresso I get at work but I just had a craving and thought I would check it out. To be honest, I think it was the branding, it really drew me in. Whoever is doing their product marketing is doing a great job. I got a small latte and it was decent. I enjoyed it. I would go back although I might just get plain coffee next time. 

Overall, I recommend this place. It's definitely not a visit-everyday-kind of place because it's not a healthy option BUT it's definitely a lovely treat once in a while. It's definitely the type of place I might go have a snack and coffee with a girlfriend to catch up. Oh, I must say thank you to the staff for being very friendly. Sometimes these new, niche food places open up in downtown Toronto and the staff are overly pretentious. Thanks ladies!

They are fairly new so they don't have all of their social media ready yet, but you can find them on Facebook here: Pie Squared.

If anyone else has been there too, I would love to hear your opinions!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

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