Saturday, August 23, 2014

More About Me and Thrift Store Haul

I am a pretty private person. Well, let me rephrase, I am private in the sense of social media and sharing with strangers but I think I totally overshare when I talk to my friends. I love to share the things I make or do with everyone but I'm not always sure if anyone else is interested. This blog is intended to be my outlet for that. Only those who are actually interested will follow so I'm not forcing anyone to listen haha! And if no one reads, then whatevs! My goal is to really write how I speak, which is usually in run on, wordy sentences.

So who is this stranger with no picture or anything? I am a 20 something girl..err..young woman living in downtown Toronto. I live with my BF..err..fiance who I will not be including on this really. I love to make things, sometimes to be cost effective but most of the time just because I like to create. I am not the greatest cook but I do prefer to eat all homemade food. Well, as much as I can without being ridiculous. I am a Pinterest addict, but I really do make/use the things I pin. I know that sounds like something an addict would say, but it's true, really. I would like to live in a perfectly decorated home but I am SO far from that it's ridiculous. I like to be organized yet I'm kind of messy. I am super clutzy and a little over dramatic. I can admit it. I also LOVE a list. There's something about checking off a list that just makes my heart happy. Is this enough? Or too much? I don't know so maybe I'll keep going?

I also LOVE thrift stores. Not everyone else in my life appreciates how fantastic a thrift store is. Which brings me to my latest thrift store haul. I don't go often despite how much I love it. It's a logistics thing along with the shopping diet I've been on lately.

My latest thrift store haul

Here's what I got for a whopping $12:
          6 x glasses that I intend to use as champagne flutes - $1 each, 50% off = $3
          6 x white bowls - $1 each = $6
          2 x clear bowls - 50¢ each = $1
          9 x straw bowls/plates/things? - all for $2 

Some of it will be used in some DIY projects, some will be used as is. I have already used the clear bowls for some of my everyday makeup storage. I'm not 100% sure how these will all turn out but I have faith. The plate basket thingies are kind of a stab in the dark, but the rest, I would consider fantastic purchases!

That's it for today!! Enjoy your weekend!


P.S. I am really trying to combat my compulsion to overthink what I do and write so I am challenging myself not to over edit and just go with it.


  1. I am the complete opposite because I completely over share on social media! haha. Actually, I think I was worse when Instagram first came out, now I just post my fashion blog photos on instagram, and some personal life photos here and there. But anyway, I can't believe you got all of that for only 12 bucks! That's such a good deal, and perfect for you with the DIY projects you're planning for :)


  2. haha! I'm working on sharing more! Instagram is new to maybe I'll be the same way lol! Thanks for visiting and being my first commenter :)

  3. I love thrift stores .. they are the best .. I am hoping that the drawer which were there the other day is still going to be there this weekend ... I envisage a good couple of layers of pink spray paint.

    1. Oohh pink spray paint sounds enticing! Go back quickly Denise!!