Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ikea Leksvik Desk Hack: Marble Contact Paper + White Paint. Done!

Marble Contact Paper

I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy with a few small projects so I'm trying to catch up now. My desk is one of them. I finally finished DIY-ing it! I told you I would finish, I know you were a little skeptical.

This was not a huge project but I ended up splitting it up into a bunch of different parts so it kinda took forever. Despite how long it took, I am so proud of the finished product! Now that this is complete, I feel like my tiny, almost non-existent home office is finally starting to come together. Yay!!

I started off with the Ikea Leksvik desk, pictured below in black. Mine was actually a lighter brown colour but I can't find a picture online. If you look at the 'before' picture below, you can see the original colour on the drawer front.

Ikea Leksvik Desk in Black

The transformation was fairly simple overall. I covered the desk top with marble contact paper, see my original post for steps and a product review, and painted the body white. For help with painting, I basically stalked one of my favourite DIY blogs, LiveLoveDIY and bought all the products Virginia recommended. I used her tutorial on how to paint laminate furniture and how to make homemade chalk paint. Her blog is fantastic!

Ikea Leksvik Desk Hack

I am slowly working on a bunch of projects to pull this space together. You can see in my first picture, I have hung up 4 clipboards to help me stay of top of filing. I've actually been using them because I LOVE categories. I took everything down to take the pictures. Embarassing but true. The clipboards will be decorated at some point. I'll even take off the plastic wrapping at some point too. Ha.  

The pen holders were a DIY with some tumblers I found at a thrift store. I did those while I was spray painting my Ikea Vittsjo shelving system gold one night about a year ago.

I'll be posting updates as I go along since almost everything on my list is a DIY project. If you are curious to see where this is going, check out my inspiration board on Pinterest

It's funny, as I blog more, I am noticing that many of my projects are a "work in progress." It kind of makes me feel like my list is never ending but it also reminds me that I can enjoy my space even though it's not fully completed. I guess you could say it drives me crazy yet keeps me sane at the same time. Do you decorate rooms in your home all in one shot or are you like me and slowly get things done? It would be nice to hear that other people are in the same boat.



  1. This turned out fab! Nice work!
    I prefer the idea of comleting the decorating of an entire room at once, but it wouldn't really be possible unless I stored everything as I bought/made it away instead of putting it in the room. I prefer to use pieces I love instead of what is available/spotted at the time I'm completing a room. I don't want to just fill space. I hope I'm making sense.
    Nice post!

  2. Thanks Erin! Wouldn't it be great to just have a storage room full of decor you loved??? One can dream. I like that philosopy, using pieces that you love. I tend to fill the space and then go back and tweak. Thanks for stopping by!!